TEAMESTEEM MARKETING EXPERTS - presents "It's Not a Dream It's Teamesteem"
Dear Collaborative Partner,
You have been selected to participate in a collaborative project that involves over 100 professionals from all walks of life. 
 The launch of the word Teamesteem, using various interpretations of it's original definition that was author by Daryl L. Mackey.
Our GOAL is to publish a book (Fall of 2010, using (Author House Publishing) that defines, interprets and teaches individuals how to implement the Teamesteem concept into their  lives.
Our MISSIONis to transform and empower lives of Teens.
Our NEED is for you to:
 1. Introduce your self  and describe your profession.
2. Define Teamesteem and write how this concept is infused
      in your life, job, community or team.
3. Name and describe a mentor in your life.
4.  Name 2 Teens  you are helping to move to the 
      next level (Teamesteem)
Please send responses as an attachment to
I need to have all responses by July 2010 
(please try to stay under 100 words)
I will be in touch with details.
Thanks for your support.
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